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Welcome Blythe doll collectors!

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Many, many people have been ripped off, defrauded, threatened and harassed by thisisblythe․com site. This site aims to raise awareness of how cruel and shady thisisblythe․com is and signpost you to the best places available where you can safely buy Blythe dolls.

I will endeavour to add content and resources here for the benefit of new and inexperienced Blythe doll collectors ❤ I also hope to find ways for our community to deliver some much deserved payback to the thisisblythe․com crooks that have decided to prey on the good and talented people in our hobby.


Why did I make this website?

Hi, Imogen here.

ThisIsBlythe tried to harass me with bad-faith legal claims online over a blog post I made about them detailing many of the skeletons they've been hiding in their closet.

I've re-uploaded the information from that blog post and everything I've discovered since to this site, where they have no way of harassing me or anyone else. Head to The Tea for the spill on all their dodgy business practices and straight-up illegal activity.

I've been collecting Blythe dolls for about 3 years now and absolutely love this hobby. Thanks to Blythe I'm now a fully-fledged doll collector.

When I was first looking into Blythe I nearly bought a doll from ThisIsBlythe, thinking they were an official Blythe seller. Thankfully, I chose an alternative and quickly learned that ThisIsBlythe no longer have anything to do with real Blythes at all. They're just a trap for unsuspecting collectors and newcomers interested in Blythe :(

My Blythe collection now mostly focuses on official stock Blythes because I adore Blythe and hope she sticks around for many more years to come ❤