A list of Blythe-related terms

Here is a list of the most common terms you're likely to come across on your Blythe journey:

  • Stock: Usually an official Blythe doll that has not been customised in any way

  • Custom: Can be a fake or official doll base and will have been customised in some way. This can be anything from swapping eye chips to carving the face and rebodying the doll

  • GSC: Abbreviation of Good Smile Company, the current manufacturer of Blythe

  • BL/EBL/SBL/FBL/RBL/RBL+/RBL renewed: Abbreviations of official Takara Tomy Blythe face moulds

  • ADG: Abbreviation of Ashton Drake Galleries official Blythe dolls

  • JM: Abbreviation of Junie Moon, the official Blythe stores in Japan

  • Kenner/KBL: The official original vintage Blythe made by Kenner in 1972

  • TBL/ICY/DBS/YUMMON/Blyth/Factory: Fake Blythe dolls (TBL is an old joke about the site Taobao where fake Blythes first began to appear)

  • ICY/Angela: ICY is used as a label for general fake Blythe listings online, but is also a name for a Blythe clone that had a rounder face with more almond-shaped eyes. These dolls usually have a pull string tag that says 'Angela' on it. Most modern ICY dolls are fakes of the original clone doll