3. Fake Blythe dolls

While I personally only buy official Blythe dolls these days, except for a few customs on fake bases, I understand that some people may have legitimate reasons for buying counterfeit Blythe dolls and I'm not here to judge other people's choices. I believe in giving people the information they need to keep their money and online data as safe as possible.

So, while I won't be referencing any specific sellers of fake Blythes, I hope this information is useful to anyone considering the purchase of a fake Blythe doll.

If you wish to purchase fake Blythe dolls I would recommend buying from a seller based in your country if you can, in order to protect your personal data as much as possible, reduce shipping times, and support others in your local Blythe community. You can find sellers that stock fake (also known as TBL, ICY, DBS, Yummon, or factory) Blythes on eBay, Etsy, AliExpress, and Amazon.

These platforms give you added protection as a buyer should you have issues with the doll you receive, or should your doll not arrive. Make sure you understand your rights on the platform before you commit to buy, just in case anything goes wrong.

Fakes generally cost between £20-40 or $20-50. There are fakes of Neo Blythes, Middies and Petites. All fakes are based on copies of face moulds for Blythe dolls from the official RBL face mould onwards. They also usually come on jointed bodies that are copies of Azone or Obitsu doll bodies, rather than copies of the less articulated official bodies. Fakes also now have a range of standard face moulds, so don't be fooled if you see a "custom" fake Blythe with any of these face moulds:

Current known alternative fake Blythe face moulds

As is the case with all counterfeit goods, quality control and seller trustworthiness are not comparable to the real deal so exercise caution. Official dolls and fakes each have their pros and cons, so if you can, spend a bit of time looking through the reputable sites for Blythe I've listed here. Also consider joining a Blythe doll community online to get an idea of what to expect from different types of Blythe dolls and which sellers you can trust.