1. Official(stock) Blythe dolls

Here is a list of good places to go if you want to buy a genuine Blythe doll:

  • Junie Moon - The original home of modern Blythe based in Japan
  • CC-Toys - Hong Kong licensed Blythe store
  • Magma Heritage - Singapore store that sometimes sells official Blythe dolls, they also have a Facebook page
  • Dolls.MOE - Reliable resellers of official Blythe dolls based in Spain
  • 100% Stock Blythe - Facebook group that only allows community sales of uncustomised official Blythe dolls
  • Kenner Blythe Club - Facebook group that only allows sales of official vintage Kenner Blythes

Official Blythe dolls are manufactured by any of the following companies:

  • Kenner
  • Ashton Drake Galleries
  • Takara Tomy
  • Good Smile Company (current manufacturer)

The owner of Blythe is Hasbro after they bought out Tonka who had previously bought out Kenner. They sometimes make Littlest Pet Shop(LPS) Petite Blythes but all modern neo-Blythe design and production is the work of Junie Moon, which is owned by Junko Wong. They only produce Blythes for the East Asian market due to licensing restrictions, but ship internationally.

The most commonly collected Blythe dolls, Kenner, ADG, Takara, GSC

Official Blythes include the vintage Kenner, ADG, Neo Blythes(all modern 1/6 scale Blythes since Takara Tomy), Middie Blythes(1/8 scale), Petite Blythes(1/12 scale) which include LPS Blythes, and POP MART Blythes which are a new smaller Blythe with more articulation than a normal Blythe and are produced by POP MART.

Middie, petite, LPS, and POP MART Blythes

You can also find 2nd hand official Blythe dolls on Ebay and other places but be sure you know exactly which Blythe release you're after so you'll be able to spot fakes. I've seen dodgy Ebay sellers trying to sell fake Blythes in genuine boxes, or fake Blythes as real Blythes more than a few times. It really pays to know how to spot these things before you part with your money.

Also, before you purchase any dolls from a community source, I recommend you check out the info page about how to buy safely from these places.